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There's Nothing Like A Good Frame Up

by Amber De Nardi

When we want to frame a work of art, a photograph, or an item of memorabilia, we tend to focus totally on the frame itself. Is a wooden frame better than a metal one? Will a dark colour suit more than a light shade? Should it be thick and ornate, or slim and simple?

Then we agonise over the colour and size of the matboard and wonder if it will clash with our decor, or the colour of the wall. Perhaps most important of all is choosing a matboard and frame which will not only ensure the best presentation but preservation as well - after all, if your precious family photo or artwork is not properly framed it will fade and yellow, causing permanent damage.

By now your mind is in a spin. How can you have possibly have made the right choices? How can you visualise the finished framing and know it will look perfect up against the wall of your home? Well, these decisions have now been made very easy.

Dial A Picture Frame is a long standing, very exprienced framing business in Caringbah which has developed a most innovative computer program to help you achieve exactly what you want. Indeed, you will exceed your expectations since it's very likely you're not even aware of this business' technological breakthroughs and the many enhancement options available.

The owner of Dial A Picture Frame, Rick Hoelscher, said that it took his son Kurt and his friend Nick 12 months to create an advanced framing solution - computer visualistion - which allows clients to see more than 700 framing and matting combinations.

"Experienced framers know what frame and matboard will suit a particular item," Mr Hoelscher said.

"However, most people don't. So, in the past, they made their choice and hoped for the best."

"Now, our clients can actually see exactly how a particular frame, matboard, slip and other framing options wil look like, as well as see it against the coloured background of their walls at home - all without leaving our studio."

The Hoelscher's computer visualisation system sounds easy in concept and belies the effort, time and creative thinking which finally produced it.

But this is also part of it's genius as all the client has to do is place the item being framed (up to 1.2 metres by one metre in size) on a table and then different frames in various sizes, types and colours will be placed around it. A camera will then relay the images back to a computer screen where the client can see the item as a finished work. The computer will then show the framed work against a background similar in colour to the client's wall so, when the photo is finally hung at home, it will look in perfect harmony with it's surroundings.

"The software is also closely integrated with our Wizard mat cutter and is capable of displaying multiple cut-outs, decorative mat cuts, various shapes and "V" Grooves - the possibilities are endless," Mr Hoelscher said.

"When people see what can be achieved with imagination and technology, we can create masterpieces."

Final designs can also be kept stored in the Hoelscher's computer system and called up at a later date to match future work. The system also allows for people to email photos to the studio and then various framing options will be emailed back."

While this makes the art of framing sound totally fast and modern, every step is carried out with extreme care.

"All our mounting is done in our heated vacuum press with acid-free Bainbridge 'SpeedMount' or Ademco mounting filsm with acid free backing, Mr Hoelscher said.

"We feel this is the best process available. We don't use spray glue, for instance, which can cause nasty brown marks with ageing."

The Dial A Picture Frame workshop has been equipped to handle all types of framing work, from certificates, needlework, sporting memorabilia to valuable paintings and precious photographs.

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