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We will re-open on Monday, 15th January, 2018 at 8.30am for normal trading.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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About Us

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At Dial A Picture Frame, we believe in value for money and good old fashioned customer service.

Kurt has over 25 years of professional picture framing experience, serving the picture framing needs of the Sutherland Shire, and has a knack for solving unique framing challenges.

Michelle has over 10 years of professional picture framing experience, specialising in needlework, fabric, and memorabilia framing. She has an excellent eye for colour and can really help make your framing work stand out.

All work is completed on our premises, using only high quality materials, sourced from reputable suppliers. We use conservation quality Peterboro Conservation Matboards and Bainbridge Artcare Archival Foamboard backings ensuring your artwork is protected from deterioration. You have probably seen the brown marks in old prints and photos - called 'foxing' - which is caused by acid, which is present in lower quality matboards and backing materials, and sprayed glues. We don't use any of these.

All our mounting is done in a heated vacuum press, using Kooltack Heat Activated Foamboards, or Hot Press Drymount Film on Bainbridge Artcare Archival Foamboards.

We have a huge range of mouldings and matboards to choose from - with over 800 moulding samples instore on display (including Bellini Fine Moulding and Neilsen Aluminium ranges!) and hundreds of matboard colours, styles, textures and fabrics available, we're sure to find the right combination for you!

We also have our unique Computer Visualisation System - this computer system, which was designed and written in-house by Kurt and his friend Nick, allows the customer to really see what their finished framing work will look like. We take an image of your artwork, via a video camera, which is then displayed on the computer screen. After discussing the colours and style for your framing work, we then display your artwork with your choice of borders and frame, for you to see.

If you're not sure of the final result, we can show you different colours and frames with the simple click of a mouse! We can even display v-grooves and fancy cut-outs if you want to add some flair to the design. You can actually see how the finished framing job will look, before you even place your order. The final design which you decide upon is saved, and is referred to during the completion of your framing job, to ensure that it looks just how you imagined. It couldn't be any easier!

We believe that Professional Workmanship plus Quality Materials equals a Great Result; or to put it simply: Value for Money. You can always find someone who can do a job cheaper, but will the finished product be the same? The materials we use are recognised to be of high standard, world-wide, and will not fade or yellow with age. In ten years time the job will look the same as the day you collected it from our workshop. This is easily worth the extra money.

The quality of our workmanship is supported by our well-equipped workshop. State of the art machinery, such as our AlfaMacchine double-bladed Mitre Saw, the computerised AlfaMacchine Underpinner, computerised Wizard Matcutter and Hot Press heated Vacuum Press all contribute to the final quality of your framing work.

Dial A Picture Frame is also well known for Memorabilia framing, such as football jumpers, footballs, cricket bats, Olympic torches, trophies, musical instruments, and anything else you can think of!

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