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Frames enhance treasures

Masks, spears, dried flowers, and souvenirs from overseas are some of the items that come under the scrutiny of Michelle and Kurt Hoelscher whose jobs are to enhance such objects by framing them.

Their business, Dial A Picture Frame, at Caringbah, has operated since the mid-1990s, when Mr Hoelscher ran it with his father before he retired.

Although the Hoelschers are primarily concerned with framing various items, they also engrave trophies and awards, with Sutherland residents or former residents forming their main customer base.

"We also do corporate work, we offer lots of flexibility, and are eager to help anyone we can," Mrs Hoelscher said.

"You always have to stay on top of things, you learn quickly what works; providing good service and a good product is the main goal."

Although the couple can provide a variety of framing styles, it is the simple straight lines that are in fashion. Black, white and silver are the popular colours of today.

Customers who want a country look or a more ornate finish will find assistance.

"We work with our customers, they tell us what they want, and if they ask for our opinions, we tell them so we can come up with the best quality product," Mrs Hoelscher said.

"We are interested in conserving and preserving things."

Details: dialapictureframe.com.au or 9524 9911

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